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StMortiel - Enzo by sighlol
StMortiel - Enzo
Lorenzo "Enzo" Valentini
18 Years Old (July 30th)

#674 Pancham
Ability: Scrappy (Hidden Ability)
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Height: 162cm / 5'4"
Weight: 157 lbs / 71.2 kg
Type: FIGHT / ---

Hometown: Coumarine City, Kalos

On first impression, Enzo is known to be persistent and assertive. As a straight-forward person not shackled by peer expectations, he can be blunt, and often be unrelenting to the pace of other people. In fact he is often peeved by apprehension or discomfort that he couldn't immediately relate to. This has got him into trouble at times, yet he has learned to respect authority until he finds a loophole he can lay mischief on -- although mostly a guilty pleasure. Without question, he's all about the action, and definitely proud of what he is capable of.

The boy is more inclined to just enjoy his youth than make any real achievement since his future is more or less secured. He's not much of a thinker, but he's all about the effort, and has kept his grade average off the failing marks. When it comes to people, his tactlessness isn't afraid to rear its ugly head. When the consequences aren't apparently bad for him, he often shows his more defiant side, and the regret in doing so doesn't usually bother him as much. He doesn't think too much of what he do, even if it matters heavily to someone else. But in his better side, he can act a bit too friendly way too early, and often very loyal to anyone who gives him enough time of day. 

All in all, Enzo is a simple-minded, self-assured boy who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, yet yielding  to anyone or anything that may ruin the freedom he enjoys. People may appreciate his one-track mind, given they're on the same track, and trust that he'd go all out for people he considers friends. What to never trust about him, though, is his intuition. Usually unable to put two and two together on his own.

Lorenzo was the only son of a successful entrepreneur who mostly built off the family business with a wrestling career as basis, while his mother was more of a distant spectacle as an actress and model. Lorenzo grew up mostly sheltered from most realities, thus being able to really figure out what he liked early on. All of the prestigious cultural programs his parents got him were shooed out when they all proved to only bore him. Just like his father, he was inclined to physical activity, and he definitely showed promise. Sadly, he never seemed to garner much of his mother's attention that way, thus he patronized her by pursuing what interested her as well, like acting. He grew to also enjoy acting, yet it was more of a skill than talent. And he wasn't really pleasing anyone in the process, aside from his mother.

To garner a name for oneself was an early fixation of his, which led to his inclination to socialize and just always be there. All was fun and games in his school life until he gets called out too often, usually to the principal's office. What was just fun and games apparently was already discomforting and hurtful to others. This unfortunately didn't bother him, and made much worse by his folks never really doubting his side of things. But little did he know how much trouble he made even to his own folks. One too many times would he overhear arguments between the two, showing sides that he never knew existed, with words that would escalate to outright disown him. But what really struck him is when his mother professed her suspicion that her son might have been someone else's bastard instead. It left him conflicted inside afterwards, and also gave him an uncharacteristic apprehension to address what he felt. 

The entire ordeal eventually settled down, only because he never did much out of whatever revelation he might have had. Things became normal again, and he was well on his way to just finish school and follow in his father's footsteps. Yet turmoil between his parent probably still flared in the blind-spots of his life, since out of nowhere was the decision to send him off to a different school - St. Mortiel Academy. His mild neurosis flared up then again, that perhaps it was again his fault. Thus, in the motion of him moving to a different school, was him making the resolve to be much more upstanding person... as best as can remind himself to be.

Level: 46

Arm Thrust
Work Up
Karate Chop
Comet Punch
Circle Throw
Vital Throw
Body Slam
Parting Shot
Surf (HM)
Gunk Shot (Tutor)
Storm Throw(Egg)
Foul Play(Egg/Tutor)

School Schedule - 6th Grade
Math: AP Calculus
Science: AP Chemistry
Social Studies: World History
World Language: AP French 
Language: Research and Technology
The Arts: AP Drama
P.E. and Health: Total Body Conditioning (Health VI)
Business: Corporate Finance
Religious Studies


- Student ID: #0770
- He gets a tad insecure and agitated without his leaf thing, but any leaf or flower petal could serve as replacement. But he's a tad choosy.
- Don't kid about his mother.
*more to come*
Winston by sighlol
A bit of an eskrimador of the group, comrade of the guy featured here ->…

posted in tumblr ->…
StM - Grass Meme by sighlol
StM - Grass Meme
what happened? Decided on a non leafy one he might eat himself???

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