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Yo I'm sighlol, call me sigh or Cy. On dA I mostly role-play so don't expect much art here. Check out my pixiv or tumblr if ever :3c

Commission Info:…


Speed Paint - Storm by sighlol
Speed Paint - Storm
This is the raw version of what I did for ORAS Countdown, which you can see here:…

Original sketch was supposed to include the other mega starters, and a later paint over had May in the background. But in the end a standoff between two megas was epic enough. The idea that mudkip was all dreaming this was a spur-of-a-moment idea while post-processing. 

6-7 hours give or take with SAI.

Commission Info
Prof Rowan by sighlol
Prof Rowan
old art; for trainerdex art collab at twitter
ILGB: Rufus by sighlol
ILGB: Rufus

Rufus Braxton

Personal Information

Age: 13 y/o
Height: 147cm / 4'10"
Weight: 90 lbs / 40.8kg
Birthdate: October 26
Nationality: British

School Information

House: Gryffindor
Year: 3rd

Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wood: Ebony
Length: 12 1/2”
Flexibility: Slightly Springy

- Counterspell
- Incendio
- Locomotor Charm

Elective Classes:
- Study of Ancient Runes
- Care of magical creatures


[Individualistic | Private | Headstrong  | Stubborn| Skeptic | Inquisitive | Imaginative | Shrewd | Principled ]

Rufus is stoic and usually reserved boy who always has his mind running with ideas. He is more comfortable working independently of others, although he’s not avoidant. There’s tendency to have reason behind in his actions, but he may sometimes be susceptible to moods given the right causes, like anger for incompetence and disappointment. He has enough tact, or rather lack of which, to turn conversation into argument or even worse with blunt words often more bent to prove a point than attacking people. Although having an unfriendly and cold impression, he’s not the antagonistic sort, unless provoked that way.

As more of an intellectual, he is interested in trying new things, figuring them out, and challenging them. He works well under pressure, mostly because he is less concerned about expectations and results and more with engagement and edification. In some ways, he assumes an adult perspective and mannerism in dealing with things even if he’s wholly too immature and young to actually be one. This leads to most of his frustrations, because either his confidence leads him to bite something he couldn’t chew or, more so, people rarely meet his expectations. However he does have some steep larger-than-life criteria for everything.

In the long run, despite any attempt to show otherwise, he shows a typical boyish imagination that can go crazy on its own. He mostly holds good respect with people, despite his lack of concern for them. Even so, he prefers not to be caught doing anything embarrassing, and thus why he mostly reserves his more honest side to people who matter. But regardless, he is a boy of atypically good sense of justice and morals that’ll make him spring into action if his intervention necessitates making right things happen.

Likes: New Things, Debating, Theoretical Talk, Solo Work, Indulging in Sweets, Good Reads
Dislikes: Redundancies, Exercise, Small Talk, Being the Receiving End of Jokes, Romance Fiction


The Braxtons are small family of intellectual purebloods that adhere pridefully to their traditions which ensured success and proliferate their dwindling numbers.The Braxton lifestyle involved a formulaic approach of study and duties. Most of which, the boy was unable to actually find useful. He was unlikeable and infamous among his cousins for his tendency to contest what he disagreed with, excessively. He spoke profoundly for age yet his words were wasted on unlistening ears who could only see him as a whining brat. And he definitely was, as he spoke if things he didn’t really had deep understanding to, yet inquisitively contested in order to do so.

Early on, he was always was the eccentric. Often he asked for the company of the more competent adults of the family, that those of his age. This often left him being silenced in various ways, and he was often hushed whenever someone just gives him something to tinker with. His favorite was from an uncle whom confiscated the toy from his work, a muggle puzzle game of some kind, which he worked hard to identify as a Rubik’s Cube. From these, his fascination in things beyond his current world of rules and tradition grew. 

His admission to Hogwarts came later than most, but what came as a surprise is the fact nobody was really excited for him. The family feared the boy, viewing him as a deviant despite his competence. Rufus showed deep fascination with magic, wanting to learn it much more than “making it happen” and instead “how and why it does.” The typical quality in talent led them to be hopeful the boy would at least follow family legacy in being situated where they have always been -- House Slytherin. But that day never came, with the boy being sorted instead with streaks of red and gold. He was a disappointment to all but to himself. No blood could determine his talent, and he became a part of Gryffindor wanting to prove his family wrong.

For the short stay he had in Hogwarts, he had garnered the social life of a sinking rock. His qualities that put-off his relatives, had the same effect on other people. It wasn’t his intention to do so, just a result of him pursuing his interests. Unlike before where his source of interaction came from people who were stuck debating with him such as family, he was left to dabble with Magic Theory and the likes of such studies alone. 

Things don't always stay the same, however, do they? Maybe in later years at Hogwarts would change his preference for solitude, what with his slowly growing understanding of the necessity of having people. And fact stands he wants to know more beyond what he is always given to.


  • Harold Braxton - The current head of the family and works as an Auror under the Ministry of Magic. Despite being a man capable of leading people, all Rufus could see was a man puppet to some greater force. The two are not the best examples of the father-son dynamic.
  • Ingrid Braxton - A reserved woman who is often known to do what's necessarily enough and nothing more. She and Rufus ahve a relationship too distant for the boy to be even angry about. She works at Ministry of Magic under the Wizengamot Administration Serviced division.
  • Charles Braxton - A bright and happy man who whose honest optimism landed him as the first disappointment in the family, not having qualities expected of a Braxton and ultimately failing to enter Hogwarts as a Slytherin. The cause of pressure for Rufus has to bear, and eventually realize not substantial. They have a love-hate relationship as brothers.
  • Fletcher - (Pet) A male white weasel who accompanies the boy ever since his brother gave it to him. Just like the older brother, the animal is doting and often energetic which usually spells trouble for its master. Even if the animal has been somewhat trained to be useful once in a while, it still tends to just be a constant annoyance for the boy. And even if its already expected of its master, the weasel always ends up sulking or hurt whenever the boy goes to far in expressing his anger. Yet in every other cases, the animal would show tact in ways to comfort the boy even if the boy didn't express any need of it. The shaky terrain of friendship the animal has with Rufus reflects a lot on how relations stay with him and his elder brother.

Extras and Trivia

  • Dumbfounded curious about muggles to the point he'd demand to dissect a plane to know how it works while in mid-flight.

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