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I make and sell comics! Check them out and let me love you!

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Monokuro: The Broken Bridge by sighlol
Monokuro: The Broken Bridge

Plugging the fact a new issue of my fluffy-tailed action adventure silent comic is out!

Available on gumroad:
And storylark:

The first issue is free via gumroad ( and storylark (same link as above).

A preview is also available on salimbal comics:

PKMNSkies: Gunther by sighlol
PKMNSkies: Gunther
Name: Gunther
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Excadrill

Hometown: Driftviel, Unova
Birthdate: April 13th

Nature: Jolly
Exuberant | Inquisitive | Vocal | Fickle | Trying  | Brash

Despite being a bit of a beatnik, Gunther is a friendly open-minded guy who would try to be friends with anyone. Be it places or people, he is quick to excite, and often insistent to get to know whatever interests him.

He enjoys new things, and often never strays at one spot for too long. But just as he is excitable, he is also easily fed up. It's quickly apparent if he’s bored or not since he’s mostly an open book. And although he has a good sense of tact, his insistence to perhaps keep things “fun” may come off people the wrong way, especially since he is not tied down much by people’s expectations. Instead, he may perhaps tie people down with his own. Especially when it comes to his moods, wherein he’d appreciate people acknowledging what ever he has going on. More often than not, though, he has the best interest of people in mind as he was brought up mostly in a good natured environment.

Fun-loving and motivated to inspire, Gunther may be a great companion to have around, just not someone to be loyal to.

Drill Run | X-Scissor | Brick Break | Rapid Spin

Gunther is the only child of a couple who perhaps instilled in him the spirit to be always on the go. As his parents were researchers who did field work in various locations, the young mole didn't have the chance to truly have any lasting memories of his home-town nor so did with most of where his parents took him. Instead, he got to know the world head on, and found people of all shapes and sizes. He grew comfortable with this lifestyle and there didn't seem any inclination in him wanting to change it until he grew older.

His parents were highly supportive people who never really pressured Gunther to make much choices in his life, and as a result, he never truly did achieve anything. By his 20's he has yet to be independent and yet to acknowledge some sort of calling which he could call his own. The lifestyle his parents had was great but it wouldn't last forever, and he didn't want to follow a path already tried. And thus he sought to find himself, leaving his parents in goodwill, promising constant correspondence.

For a good few years, he drifted on his own and through a slow trudge uphill landed him the idea that he should settle down. All his life he was in constant motion, and perhaps that was the very reason he never really felt complacent with anything. There’s a vague idea in his head he perhaps want to be a builder of some sort, as well as he continue to enjoy the thrill of new experiences. Maybe it was time he sat down firmly and thought about what truly mattered in his life.

  • The idea of him building whatever he thinks off is akin to a mad scientist making cooky experiments. If only he manages to finish one.
  • He rarely presents himself clean, since he often goes all over the place find parts for things he needs or thinks he needs. Digging through dirt is often his first choice.
  • He enjoys munching on nuts above anything else. He can’t stand spicy food but would try it out regardless. And he often gets easily jaded over sweets.
  • When not bothering with people, he likes thinking about what he intends to write to his folks. He likes the charm of writing letters over anything more convenient. 
  • Thinks out a loud often, when he knows no one’s around.
  • The steel part from excadrills are a set of gloves and hat he would wear when he has to dig around.
Sleeping by sighlol
Did this last April.

Not really fond of it and it ended up a weak piece with wonky colour relationships. But I like the grass. 
Ferdinand and the Fiery Bird by sighlol
Ferdinand and the Fiery Bird
[edit] late update but improved colors

Concept art for a comic project I'll do maybe later this year.

Posted on tumblr ->…

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